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This page is for my blackmodern skin for mozilla 1.6. It was built by negating all the colors in the very good Gray Modern theme by Johannes Schellen, which is itself an adaptation of the Modern theme that ships with mozilla 1.6.

You can install my negated version by clicking here.

i'll try to clean up the code i used to do the negation and put it up here soon.

mozilla calendar deb

i'm also providing a .deb file that i made for debian's sarge distribution that installs the Mozilla calendar component for the version of mozilla that's currently in sarge (1.6-5). The file should have the following md5 sum:

221b928292ea468309c87d3f82a63dff mozilla-calendar_1.6-5_i386.deb

This is my first attempt ever at making a .deb, and i made it from the binary xpi package that can be found here. i'm sure i screwed up something in the packaging process, since it's the first time, but it actually appears to work for me. Please give me feedback if you try it. i've listed myself as the maintainer in the deb, though i fully expect that the upcoming mozilla-calendar package currently in sid (1.7-something) will supercede this one and will probably be better packaged.

unfortunately, this deb doesn't seem to play nicely with the theme i offer above! How sloppy of me.