Daniel Kahn Gillmor
Brooklyn, NY
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7 October 2002

Dear Elected Representative,

As your constituent, I want to voice my grave concern about the folly George W. Bush is pursuing in the Middle East. Any military attack on Iraq by our nation would be a political, practical, and moral disaster for America and the world.

There is no proven link between Saddam Hussein and the attacks of 11 September, nor is there proof that he is likely to use weapons of mass destruction. In conrast with Iraq, we are one of the few countries in the world who are openly considering the use of such weapons. If we want other countries to go along with us, we should be leading by example, not by the current administration's method of military fiat. Brutal military adventurism makes a mockery of the democratic principles that make this country great. Please reaffirm America's commitment to global cooperation and mulitlateralism by rejecting Bush's demand for war powers.

The war on Iraq will also distract us from pressing domestic issues, including the erosion of our civil liberties and the looting of the public till by large corporations and their executives. Letting Bush wear his "Commander-in-chief" hat uncontested will help him to evade responsibility for the large-scale shady dealings that he and his cabinet seem to have known about or been involved in.

And lastly, don't tarnish the memory of the victims of the attack in New York by endorsing this war. Going ahead with an military strike will only cause further destruction and death of civilian populations, which is horrible no matter which country it happens in. Such a violent response on our part will surely lead to more violent reprisals in the future against our own nation, and will only hasten our descent into the abysmal state of War Without End.

Please do everything in your power to avert this potential calamity. If you endorse Bush's folly or avert your eyes and allow it to happen, you will not be representing me, and you will be doing a horrible disservice to Americans and humans around the globe.

Stand up with your conscience and be counted! I will be watching the results of this vote with keen interest.


Daniel Kahn Gillmor